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Your FREE Essential Breast Cancer Resource E-book!

Hearing those words, YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER can leave you feeling scared, emotional, and very overwhelmed. Leaving you with uncertainty about what to do next and what to ask who.

Not to worry, I, too was in your shoes and I never want anyone to feel that helpless and not in control of their life.

I have created this FREE 30-Page E-book to help you from your diagnosis and beyond.


I found my Purpose at the intersection of Passion and Pain after my Breast Cancer diagnosis!

Even as a healthy fitness professional I had no idea how I was going to recover from my breast cancer surgeries and reclaim my health, strength, and fitness level or even the confidence to continue my career as a trainer.

My passion is to help others! To change their lives and help them become their best versions of themselves each and every day.

My purpose is to share my struggles and journey along with my expertise as a Certified Exercise Specialist to help women going through breast cancer with support, exercise, and healthy living throughout their cancer journey and beyond! 




A community filled with other survivors looking to take back control of their life after a breast cancer diagnosis and beyond

I invite you to join me and other breast cancer survivors to become empowered and inspired to become the best version of yourself!


What limiting beliefs are stopping you from creating your lifestyle by design and becoming the best version of yourself?

Empowered * Inspired

 Stronger * Healthier

You are worth it!   You deserve it!

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Free Consultation

I have been where you are and I know how to help you. Let's start with a complimentary session to discuss your personal journey and start your healing.

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Your Road Map to Recovery

Wherever you are in your cancer journey, I have you covered from emotional support to physical support, and everywhere in between.

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Your Customized Plan

Because everyone is unique, I create a plan specific to you whether we work together in person or one of my online programs. We use the S.M.I.L.E .Method.

Questions I Often Get Asked

Mindset, exercise, and healthy living are crucial to your recovery and survivorship, but it must be done slowly and effectively. You cannot jump right back into your previous routine or even start a new one until you have had some assessments, to avoid injury or further damage to your muscles and joints.

Your 5-Step Success Path to taking back control of your life after a breast cancer diagnosis!

You've heard those words "you have breast cancer" and feel all alone with nowhere to turn for guidance with support, exercise, nutrition, and healthy living. 

I have the Step-by-Step framework you need to take back control of your life and become empowered to be the best version of yourself with confidence, clarity, and courage.

In this mini-course, you will have the 5 essential pillars and resources you need to set the foundation for your road to recovery letting cancer know you are a warrior and YOU are in control!

Yes Please!

Become a Founding Member in the S.M.I.L.E. With Shannon Membership 

Online Coaching and Community of workouts, recipes, goal setting, and accountability!

Let's take you from feeling unmotivated and feeling stressed to feeling excited, motivated, and being the best version of yourself!

For a LIMITED TIME the Founding Members' price is only $20 to reserve your spot AND each month after that!

We start on June 1st! Don't wait to reserve now because the price is going up to $27!

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Shannon is an exceptional trainer, she knows her stuff! She has helped me significantly with my workouts with my modifications due to my breast cancer. It's nice to have someone as knowledgeable in that area, makes workouts more fun. Not only has she helped me with my workouts but her training as a nutritionist has helped me in achieving success with my weight loss. She's truly an amazing person who inspires everyone.


~Sheila Perry

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Shannon is a very upbeat, positive, and energetic person who is all about helping people achieve their goals. She genuinely cares about you and will do everything in her power to help you, all while with one of her trademark and sincere SMILE's on her face. She is a joy to be around, an incredibly inspiring, and courageous person, and you can't help but smile yourself when you're around her!


~Rhea Lewis

Placement Holder


Shannon is extremely skilled at her craft! She knows how to best support those who have gone through surgeries related to cancer. Not only does she lend her knowledge of modifying exercises, but she is also there to lend an ear and her heart to all those she trains! She is so much more than a personal trainer!



~Kelly Gilbert