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How Photographer Rhea Lewis Empowers Breast Cancer Survivors

angel wings boudoir and breast cancer boudoir photography breast cancer breast cancer survivors empowered empowering inspired lingerie rhea lewis photography sexy shannon burrows survivors women Jan 30, 2021

Your life changes when you decide to step outside of your comfort zone and face your fears!! 

There are only a few things in life that I have fears for and for the most part I'll try anything as long as I don't think I'm going to die. Fear of heights is one of them (I'm working on it). Doing a boudoir photography session had never even crossed my mind EVER! I was nominated to do a session as a breast cancer survivor and I thought, "oh hell no!" For me lingerie and that whole "sexy" look has never been me. I could never see myself wearing that or doing something like that, but you know what? I never saw myself being diagnosed with breast cancer so I said, "what the hell!!" At this point I figured you only live once and why limit yourself to only the things you know and are comfortable with. So I faced my "fear" and uncertainty and did the session. WOW! I am so glad I did. Honestly, it was more about the experience and the way my photographer and her team made me feel.

Meeting Rhea was like making an instant friend. I love meeting like minded women that are looking to empower, inspire, and make a difference in someone's life. Rhea is just that and more. She is so incredibly passionate about her work and it shows.

The imagery she creates provides inspiring, encouraging and empowering experiences through her unique style of transformational photography.  

Creating a safe environment for a breast cancer survivor is what she does. She empowers you to feel beautiful in your own body. Reminding you that cancer does not define you and you are still the beautiful women you were before a cancer diagnosis.

She has recently added head to toe Victoria Secret wings to her sessions because they have always been inspiring to her in a beautiful, feminine, and angelic way.

Rhea Lewis is an international award winning photographer, and a PPA Master Photographer, PPA Elite Plus photographer 2020,  and Certified Professional Photographer.  She has also been named TOP 10 Photographer in the state of Florida and earned her Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence from Florida Professional Photographers.  

Rhea is a leader in her profession and has served as President of the local Professional Photographers' Guild of the Palm Beaches and currently serves as the Vice President of the Florida Professional Photographers Association.  

She has been in business as a professional photographer for 16 years and owns and operates a successful boutique studio in Jupiter, FL. 

Rhea has been a leader and a pioneer in the boudoir photography market and strongly believes in empowering women through boudoir photography.

Not only did I have the privilege of one of her amazing sessions, but I was honored to interview her recently on my podcast, Bustin' Out of Breast Cancer.

To listen to the full podcast episode Listen Here.

How to find Rhea:

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