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How Does Sugar Affect Your Body?

american cancer society anxiety cancer cells chocolate depression health healthy living nutrition skinny syrups stress sugar Feb 24, 2021

Nutrition plays such a major part of our overall healthy living. It is actually influenced by several factors in your life including stress, anxiety, depression, and mindset. All of which are affected by the foods/beverages you put into your body, especially sugar.

You need to pay attention to your brain and gut health, to recognize the affects that foods has on the body, especially foods that are processed and contain refined sugars.

Think of your brain as a premium vehicle (a Bentley, for example). You will want to fuel that vehicle with premium fuel as opposed to unleaded fuel. You will do damage to your vehicle if you put unleaded fuel into it. The same holds true with your brain. Your brain is working 24/7 therefore, it needs to have a constant source of fuel.

The "fuel" you put into your body will directly affect your mood (food = mood), thoughts, decision making, movements, breathing, and even senses. 

Processed foods and sugar are the unleaded fuel we want to avoid for optimal health. It's not just sugar like sweets and desserts, it's the foods that convert quickly to sugar or glucose such as white potatoes, white breads, corn, and juices, to name a few. Basically any foods with white sugar or white flour are foods you want to avoid.

Do you crave sugar? Before you go reaching  for that sweet/sugary treat or meal, start with drinking a glass of water when you have that craving, wait about 15 minutes to see if it goes away. Distract yourself, go for a walk, throw in a load of laundry. 

Removing sugar from your diet all together will be the easiest way to stop your cravings because once you remove them, your body won't crave them. Similar to a drug, since sugar can have a drug-like effect on your brain (think "unleaded fuel").

If you really want a sweet treat, my "go-to" is Lily's Chocolate. I like the dark chocolate ones. If you bake, you can use the Lily's Chocolate Chips and Skinny Syrups (I use those in my coffee)

If you truly are hungry, make sure you are eating the right foods (think "premium fuel") such as proteins and healthy fats (avocados are always a "go-to" for my family).

As a cancer survivor and fitness professional, I often get asked, does sugar CAUSE cancer and the simple answer is No, BUT, the foods you put into your body play a role in metabolic syndrome, inflammation, and chronic diseases. So, if you think of the food (fuel) you put into your body and how that breaks down and gets into your cells, you may think twice about eating that sweet treat, juice, sandwich, or bowl of pasta.

Everything you put into your body breaks down into glucose (sugar) to fuel your cells. Cancer cells require about 200 times more sugar than normal cells. So, if are consuming a lot of sugars, foods/drinks that turn into sugar, than you are increasing your risks of fueling those cancer cells.

To see how your food is affecting your body and overall health, start paying attention to how you feel after you eat and also the next day. Journal your food and your feelings for a week, then "eat clean" (no processed foods and sugar) for two weeks continue to  journal how you feel after you eat as well as the next day. Slowly start to add certain foods back into your diet and pay attention to how your body reacts after eating those foods as well as the next day.

Start today on your optimal health!

If you don't know how or where to start and would like some help, sign up here for a free consultation!


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