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EP 141-Straight Talk About Suicide & Self-Improvement

Episode #130

Bustin' Out of Breast Cancer
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EP 141-Straight Talk About Suicide & Self-Improvement

September is Suicide Prevention  & Self-Improvement Month and I want to bring awareness to them both because I feel they go hand in hand.

No one should have to battle depression or their breast cancer journey alone.

I have heard far too many breast cancer survivors talk about having depression and even thoughts of suicide and it breaks my heart.

I focus on The S.M.I.L.E. Method because it helps. Simply Making Individual Lifestyle Enhancements is about Self-Improvement. Becoming a better version of yourself each and every day is work, which turns into a reward because you feel better, look better, and show up each day better!

You deserve that! Start today by taking the first step...literally, get your body moving!

Important topics in this episode:

● 3 tips to get started with self-improvement

● The importance of checking in with friends and family. You never know if they need it.

● Know you're not alone

● A reminder of episode 128 with Teresa Alesch and she talks about her suicide attempt during her breast cancer journey

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