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EP 146-Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Early Detection Saves Lives

Bustin' Out of Breast Cancer New Episodes release Wednesdays at 7:00 am EST EP 146-Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Early Detection Saves Lives I'm just going to start off by saying, I don't care what insurance companies and other organizations have to say about 45 years old (sometimes 40 years old) being the age to start getting mammograms! It is NOT up to them to decide when to start taking precautions and screening for cancer or any other chronic disease. If you have been following my podcast, you have learned that I am a huge advocate for taking control of your life, including your health. If you are new, I encourage you to listen to previous episodes, and as always please reach out to me with questions or if you just want to chat. Important topics in this episode: ● A reminder that early detection saves lives-GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM! ● 19% of people do not screened because of cost or no insurance Click here for resources Get Screened-Cancer Screening Questions ●27% of people do not get screened because of fear Get Screened-Cancer Screening Questions ● 54% of people do not get screened because they have no symptoms Get Screened-Cancer Screening Questions Hey, let's stay in touch: Be the first to get the latest podcast, blogs, news, and specials by signing up for my newsletter: ● Head over to my website www.shannonburrows.com Join our Breast Cancer Health & Wellness Private Facebook Group ● Are you a survivor, thriver, or caregiver? Come join our PRIVATE Free Facebook Group Where do you like to hang out on social media? Come find me and let's get to know each other. ● Follow me on Instagram (and then send me a DM and say Hi:) ● Follow me on Facebook (and then send me a DM to say Hi:)